Trail Run Patch

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Complete at least 6 activities:
  1. GOING PRO - Talk to a runner, athlete, coach or a trainer and find out how long they’ve been racing or competing and their unique experiences like losing a shoe in a race etc.

  2. RACE READY – Pick a sport or physical activity that you enjoy and practice for two weeks. Some people call this training.  Keep a training log (record) of the physical activity that you do such as stretching, running, and aerobic activities.
  3. FUELING UP – Nutrition is important to everyone, especially when you are training or racing. Learn how to eat healthy foods and drink healthy drinks. Learn how to fuel your body while racing and training.

  4. FASHION FUN – The proper athletic apparel is important in racing and training. Learn how to make yourself faster, more comfortable and stay warm or cool by the clothes you wear. Learn about three different fabrics used in athletic apparel and find out what they are designed to do.

  5. JUST KEEP RUNNING - Learn how to run safely. Learn to do first aid for minor injuries.  Learn when to keep running and not give up and learn when to listen to your body and take a break. Make a mini first aid kit before you race.

  6. RACE-SEARCH - Search for race events in your community. List and describe 5 events.  Include the sport, distance, scoring, etc.  Find out what equipment, if any, is required.  Find out if there are any rules you must following during the event.  Find out if the sport has a Code of Etiquette that you should follow during the event.

  7. FOOT LOOSE - Learn about proper shoes to wear when you are running or walking.  Learn about different types of shoes, such as trail shoes or racing flats.  Learn how shoes can help prevent sports related injuries.

  8. WHAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU - List at least 3 different types of races a racer can be a part of and explain the differences of each race. Which race do you think you would enjoy the most?

  9. WHAT DOES THIS DO? - Learn how your muscles work and what tires them. List 5 different muscles and identify their nicknames, scientific names and how they help your body. Learn the proper way to stretch and warm-up the muscles you have learned about.

  10. RUN-4-FUN - Participate in an organized race, such as a 5k running race, swim meet or kids triathlon.

  11. VOLUNTEER FOR FITNESS - Volunteer at a race or an athletic event in your community and have fun while you make a difference.